Thankful Thursday – Art’s Slide Collection

Mom, Cork, Jeff, Christmas 1953
Mom, Cork, Jeff, Christmas 1953

As we research our family, it’s important that we look at all of the records, notes, documents and photos that our family has collected. Family photos can help us identify people and put them in a time and place in our family history. These images also (quite literally!) put faces to the names that we have been researching!

A few years ago, I scanned all of my paternal grandfather’s slides, as well as those of my parents and my maternal grandparents. My grandfather, Art Cubbage, had just under 600 images that he took from 1953 (when they moved from Pittsburgh to New Jersey) through 1974.

While I am thankful for these wonderful images of my father’s childhood and my grandparent’s lives, I am most thankful that he labeled almost every slide. That’s right. Almost. Every. Slide. My grandfather noted the name of the person(s), the location (if it wasn’t at their home), the month and the year! Wow!

As I have researched my family, these slides have been a great reference for me. Even though that are 20th century images, they still help to piece together our family history. They also tell me a lot about the Cubbage family during those years, and about the individual family members, some that I will profile in later posts. There are also some images of older family members that I never met – great-grandparents and great aunts and uncles.

I have also shown and discussed many of these images with my father, as they are of his family. He has helped me to identify the connections of people in the photos with the Cubbage family (friends, neighbors, coworkers), and a few more details on the events or family members.

If you have found photos in your family research, be sure to show them to your older family members – they may have additional information, or it may jog their memories about some stories or details that you don’t know about!

I’ll share more of these images in future posts, but for now here are a few of my favorites …


July 1955
“July 1955”  This was their home in New Providence, NJ.


Mem & Pap Pittsburgh July 1954
“Mem & Pap Pittsburgh July 1954” My grandmother Agnes’ parents in their backyard on Thelma Street on the North Side.


Min's August 1959
“Min’s August 1959” My grandfather Art and his family were enjoying Maryland crab at his sister Minnie’s house in Baltimore.


Jeff & Cork Thanksgiving 1954
“Jeff & Cork Thanksgiving 1954” My father and his brother, ages 13 and 10.


Harry, Janet, Barbara, Cork June 1959
“Harry, Janet, Barbara, Cork June 1959” My father and friends before the senior prom.