I really enjoy sharing the elements of genealogy research with others! All of my lectures can be presented virtually via webinar and in person. Below is a sampling of lecture topics. I am always developing new presentations and would be happy to discuss creating a program that fits the needs and interests of your group. If your genealogical society, library or group is interested in a lecture, please contact me to discuss topics, fees and availability. To see where I will be speaking in 2023, check out the list of Upcoming Lectures.


Expanding our research beyond our direct ancestors can be the key that opens doors to unknown family. This lecture will cover strategies for researching our ancestor’s collateral relatives and community to help reconstruct families and solve genealogical problems.

Finding Female Ancestors

Researching the women in our family can be problematic. Our female ancestors left very few records making it challenging to determine a maiden name or family of origin. This program will cover strategies and record groups that can advance your research and help to uncover female ancestors as well as learn more about their lives.


Before Facebook and Twitter, the local paper was the place to get the scoop on your neighbors. Historical newspapers are indispensable to genealogy research and learning about your ancestors and their community. This program will highlight the importance of this resource as well as the range of details that can be discovered, including how and where to access digitized newspapers, plus search techniques and tips.

genealogical Timelines for organization, alaysis & problem solving

information to be compiled. Timelines are a tool that allows us to organize our data, and to visually identify patterns, gaps, themes, and relationships. This program will provide examples of genealogical timelines (migration patterns, research gaps, specific record type, historical perspective, etc.) as well as suggestions on creating timelines in Microsoft Word and Excel.

familysearch.org: getting the most of a free genealogy resource

One of the largest free genealogy websites, FamilySearch.org contains a massive global collection of records and resources. This program will tour the site as well as provide search tips and techniques for navigation of the main components (searching and browsing records, digital library, research wiki, and family trees).


Interested in researching your family history, but don’t know where to begin? Have you searched for your family but need some instruction on how to proceed? This program offers an overview of key genealogy records and resources, as well as tips and techniques for getting started on discovering your family stories.

military records for genealogical research

Records created about military service are an important resource in our genealogical research, providing valuable details about our ancestors and families. This program will provide an overview of U.S. military records for both veterans and for those ancestors who did not serve in the military. Emphasis will be on a survey of military resources available and where to search for records .

The 1950 Census Release in APril 2022

In The 1950 US Federal Census is scheduled to be released by the National Archives on 1 April 2022. This program will highlight the information collected in the 1950 census, how to access the images once they are released, and what to do beforehand to get ready.